“True to my namesake, I’m a bit gregarious,” Greg Meyer says. Even in college as a fraternity brother at the University of Cincinnati, he ascended to leadership early, holding the position of — what else — social chairman. It’s a trait that has continued to serve Greg well since, lending itself perfectly to a career in business development. Over the past 20+ years, he’s nurtured countless client relationships, creating new value and growth for companies from the Fortune 500 and middle market to the startup community, intrapreneurs and new venture groups alike.

Now he’s leveraging his affable nature as Director of Client Development at THRIVE.

“It’s like playing matchmaker,” Greg says. “There’s an abundance of opportunity out there — it’s just a matter of aligning the need with the right people that can deliver exceptional work.”

Greg first became interested in client development while working in marketing after earning his MBA (he received both an MBA and a BS in Health Administration from UC). The opportunity to meet with clients and do some light sales uncovered a passion for engaging with people, listening to their needs, making deals happen and in turn, being able to impact top-line growth. From there he spent five years honing his sales skills in the technology field before transitioning to focus his career where it is now: helping companies grow and build value in the world of design and innovation.

His first role in this arena was with Fisher Design, Inc. in Cincinnati. A multi-disciplinary firm engaged in industrial design, engineering, brand strategy, packaging and digital, it provided the perfect entryway into product development and innovation, granting Greg exposure to the various disciplines. He went on to work with boutique design studios in New England and Chicago, as well as global design and engineering firms like Minimal (MNML), Radius and Tool — advancing both his experience and client base in scale and scope along the way, spanning almost every industry including medical, healthcare, pharma, CPG, technology, consumer, commercial, sciences and transportation. “The variety is huge; I love working on different projects for different companies,” he says. “I love the ability to have a medical conversation one day, a consumer packaging conversation the next day, a commercial kitchen conversation the day after that, and then some giant piece of industrial equipment conversation the day after that — or all in the same day for that matter!”

Of course, it takes more than a sociable personality to have achieved Greg’s level of experience and professional success; part of it comes from always having had a vision for things “that are bigger than me,” he says, and traveling a parallel path with the businesses he works with. “In this space, we tend to engage with people who are at the beginning of something that they’re excited about; the beginning of the journey. Walking side by side with the client through that journey of their own discovery about their idea, and how they can impact not only their company but also their customers, their end users — that’s the good sauce,” Greg says.

He’s bringing that same enthusiasm for creating deep engagement to THRIVE as he works to connect with new clients and grow our relationships across markets and industries. “Ultimately we’re going to exceed levels of growth that THRIVE has seen before — driving the public-facing perspective and point of view of what we can do together with our clients, and continuing to improve the THRIVE experience.”

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