Translating Expertise into Aesthetics

Already a premier print server and print management software company, EFI knew that it couldn’t maintain its reputation without products that were styled as flawlessly as they performed. THRIVE* applied a sharp eye for product design trends to help bring the brand’s precise functionality to the fore.

Making the Brand Visual

EFI’s new Quantum Power Color Server was a perfect example of the company’s legacy of lightning-fast print speeds, impressive precision and flawless color reproduction. What it still needed was a way to express this reliability at first glance—before a single sheet of paper hit the output tray. We realized that we had an opportunity to bring the brand to life through a sleek, new form, so we designed emotionally from the outside-in.

Telegraphing High Performance

We set about developing a unique visual design system that would communicate EFI’s brand attributes of professionalism, speed and unrivaled performance instead of blending into server room walls like lesser equipment. The result was a design language based on an array of trapezoids. It was dynamic, but stable—communicating reliability and speed. We then added layered surfaces, chamfered edges and perforated metals to guarantee abundant airflow. The final effect cut a powerful profile, dramatically emphasized venting and further telegraphed high performance. Finally, an illuminate EFI logo added a jewel-like centerpiece for the brand.

Keeping it Versatile

The final silhouette was a standout, but it still needed to serve as an OEM solution to a wide range of partners. Thus, we designed it in a neutral color palette that could be seamlessly adapted with each company’s own branding. The final product wowed at tradeshows and since the introduction of the Quantum Power Color Server series, EFI has continued to fortify its leadership position in the digital print server category, communicating its brand personality with clarity.

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