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We believe in “learning by doing”—it’s the best way to grow and innovate. Through innovation consulting, we help organizations change the way they work and the things they do by understanding process, barriers, mindset and plan of attack—and resetting.

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    Customer Co-Creation Immersion Workshop

    How can you reduce innovation risk and increase customer adoption? The Customer Co-Creation Immersion Workshop uses a hands-on, immersive approach to tackle one of your current innovation challenges. You’ll use a flexible innovation framework to navigate your team and executive management through the processes of uncovering customer insights, generating multiple solutions, building prototypes and crafting compelling value propositions.

    • Scheduled upon request.
  • Iterative Prototyping Workshop

    How can you translate interesting ideas from the field into scalable innovations? The Iterative Prototyping Workshop utilizes a hands on, immersive approach to build tangible prototypes of your ideas. You’ll work with experienced architects, designers and other innovation artisans to iteratively build prototypes to learn not what is right about your prototype, but what is wrong with it. This will help you overcome objections and accelerate adoption.

    • Scheduled upon request.
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    Innovation in 90 Days Workshop

    How can you transform fuzzy ideas into tangible reality in 90 days? The IN-90 Workshop will guide you step-by-step over 90 days to determine what customers desire, what is feasible to build and what is viable for your organization to execute. You will use a proven approach to overcome objections, simplify operations and clarify who does what.

    • Scheduled upon request.

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