THRIVE Further Expands the Capabilities of Its Human Factors Engineering Practice

In direct response to the growth and demand for THRIVE’s world-class Design for Healthcare services, we are pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to our Human Factors Engineering team in the addition of Rachel Aronchick and Amy Stockslager. Rachel is our Director of Human Factors Engineering, and Amy is our Associate Director of Human Factors Engineering.

Rachel is a board-certified HF specialist who spent eight years as an HF consultant at Emergo by UL, specializing in applying human factors to products in the medical industry. Before coming to THRIVE, she conducted an estimated 1,500 usability test sessions, including formative and HF validation sessions. Rachel’s background working with medical device and drug-delivery combination product manufacturers has focused on use safety from working with people who often have compromised health and in critical environments where safety is of the utmost importance. Rachel is involved in all aspects of the HF programs at THRIVE.

Amy, meanwhile, came to THRIVE from Cambridge Consultants, where she spent over six years as an HF consultant in the medical industry and has extensive experience planning, managing, and executing usability testing, including formative and HF validation studies. Her product development experience includes physical product design and user interface design for a range of drug delivery devices and products and surgical tools and systems. This dynamic duo elevates the entire HFE team at THRIVE.

Our HF specialists are up-to-date on the latest medical device regulation set forth by the FDA in the United States and by other regulators worldwide — and can guide you from a strategy and execution perspective. We have extensive experience applying human factors to products ranging from medical devices used by specialized healthcare professionals in clinical environments to combination products used by patients and laypeople in the home to in-vitro diagnostic systems or reprocessing workflows used by technicians in the lab.

At THRIVE, we work alongside you to progress your project, fill in gaps, and act as a guide for you and your HFE needs. If it’s your first time applying human factors and you need a comprehensive end-to-end human factors program, we’ll scope out the program and conduct the activities on your behalf. If you’re an HFE professional who is resource-constrained, we’ll step in, providing the teamwork, collaboration, and support to help you meet your goals. Or, if you want a sanity check to ensure you’ve met the latest and greatest expectations, we’ll do that too.

Our team can help with: 

Program planning & strategy
– Use-related risk management
– Generative early-stage research
– Usability testing (formative and HF validation)
– Instructions for use (IFU design)
– HFE / UE reporting
– HFE deliverable development
– Regulatory advising & support 

We are beyond proud of our HFE team and its capabilities. Another thing, however, that helps our team get the best results for our clients is THRIVE Labs, our state-of-the-art in-house usability lab, consisting of two labs with adjacent viewing suites. This world-class facility is perfect for conducting various usability tests and generating rich insights that will take your product to the next level.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can work together, contact us here. Collaboration begins with a conversation.

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