With a passion for better understanding what drives people’s decisions and behaviors, Amber revels in the research involved throughout the design process, and brings her analytical insight to THRIVE. With experience working in corporate and consultancy environments, she’s well-versed in delivering personable and actionable research that values both users and stakeholders.


A few high school internships piqued Amber’s interest in design and research and led her to pursue a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati. Through the program at UC, she continued to develop an understanding of the design process and design thinking while gaining professional experience completing internships across the country. Working on projects for Maytag, Chrysler, Honeywell, Kohler Company, Wrigley, and Angie’s List, Amber further affirmed her love for design research, and a keen interest in uncovering opportunities with products that blend the physical and digital realms.


Born in Oregon (and a self-described Pacific Northwest enthusiast), Amber spent most of her life growing up in Ohio. With her recent move to join THRIVE, she is looking forward to exploring another region of the country and discovering all that Atlanta has to offer — often by foot. A college athlete, Amber spent 5 years training and competing on the Cross Country and Track teams at the University of Cincinnati, and she still enjoys running today.