Brad Range is THRIVE’s Director of Engineering. Brad brings expertise in medical devices, robotics, automation, and consumer products, along with a rich track record of leading global, cross-disciplinary teams to develop more than 100 new products from concept to production. He has both the engineering leadership and the technical prowess to efficiently analyze and design manufacturable products that meet users’ needs.


Brad previously worked as a Mechanical Engineer, a Senior Project Manager, an Engineering Manager, and a Director of Product Development before coming to THRIVE. More specifically, his experience includes designing, prototyping, and supporting the manufacture of Keurig Kold, advanced robotic systems for Boston Dynamics, and Toyota’s BLAID (an indoor navigation system for the blind).  He managed all operations for Acorn Product Development’s Southeastern Design Center and mentored a team of more than 40 engineers. He has worked on consumer products, robotic systems, telecom, and medical products such as diagnostic systems, biopsy tools, and surgical instruments.


Brad enjoys a wide variety of hobbies such as woodworking, furniture-making, home improvement, brewing his own beer, growing peppers, and making hot sauce. He also loves cooking, grilling, and smoking food for family and friends. Brad often plays music with his wife and kids with tuba being his favorite instrument — although, he can play guitar, piano, and other brass instruments as well. Brad also spent a year in Antarctica conducting climate change research.