With a background in psychology, sociology, and human-computer interaction, Chris understands the complexity of making a technological innovation to resolve a human problem. Chris conducts ethnographic and quantitative research, creates prototypes, conducts usability tests, and analyzes usage data.


Before working at THRIVE, Chris completed his Ph.D. in sociology at Emory University and his M.A. in psychology at the College of William and Mary. In his research and teaching, he addressed questions related to happiness, mental health, motivation, personality, and cultural change. Prior to his academic work, Chris was an information architect at Razorfish and Digitas, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He has an M.S. in human-computer interaction (HCI) from Georgia Institute of Technology. He was inspired to study HCI because of his undergraduate research in cognitive psychology, and his work as a librarian.


Chris is an amateur classical pianist and stand-up comedian. He occasionally teaches classes on the science of happiness at learning centers and non-profit institutions in Atlanta. He loves to learn new languages and travel internationally.