A passion for problem-solving has shaped Christopher Wu’s career, one in which he’s helped clients understand how design fits within the structure of their business to create value, growth, and reinforce who they are as a brand. He brings that perspective to THRIVE in his role as Associate Director of Strategic Design, ensuring our team not only delivers great design but does so in the context of a greater goal. It’s a thoughtfulness that permeates the way he approaches his work, combining front-end innovation and user research to inform the creation of compelling products and experiences.


A California native, Wu first studied mechanical engineering (he earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a master’s from UCLA in the field) before homing in on a passion for product design, subsequently attending ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. His experiences since have ranged from working with large corporations like Nike and Nokia, to startups in both the medical and consumer electronics markets, focusing on humanizing technology and creating processes that feel intuitive. Prior to joining THRIVE, he worked at Karten Design in Los Angeles, where he provided strategic brand guidance and led user-centric design projects.


Wu is an avid rock climber — an analytical sport that he’s come to realize involves a great deal of problem-solving alongside physical exertion, mirroring his work in design. (He also loves basketball, though he admits he isn’t tall enough for it.) Food is another hobby; Wu enjoys cooking as well as exploring new culinary experiences while dining out.