Daron is a business-minded creative professional and agile storyteller who uses her entrepreneurial thinking to help brands succeed as a Director of Visual Communication Design at THRIVE. With over 15 years of experience divided between Leo Burnett, Arc Worldwide, American Greetings, and her time as a freelancer, she is well-versed in using creative to drive consumer loyalty, spur curiosity, grow business, and change human behavior. Daron believes that in a world of constant visual noise designed to drive people to mindlessly consume more without purpose, it’s her responsibility to design intentionally so that she doesn’t add to the clutter, and instead, leaves the planet better off and more beautiful than she found it. She has an open mind, collaborative spirit, and is a forever student willing to turn things upside down and dissect every detail of a problem to find the solution.


Daron started off as a Creative Developer designing interactive content for clients such as ABC, NBC, Ferrero Rocher, Ocean Spray, Stouffers, Dunkin Donuts, P&G, Nikon, Sports Illustrated, Disney, Warner Bros, and many others. This experience helped Daron further establish herself as an Art Director at Leo Burnett where she worked for several years creating point-of-purchase retail kits for McDonald’s new product launches, executed partner creative for Coca-Cola and Happy Meal, produced UX ideas for retail innovation initiatives, and used informed design strategy to enable brands to thrive. Daron took her knowledge of design and brand development with her on her freelance journey as she chose to work exclusively with companies that aligned with her core values: health, compassion, creativity, sustainability, growth, joy, connection, authenticity, balance, and empathy.


Daron’s design heroes include Ellen Lupton, Michael Beirut, Debbie Millman, and Milton Glaser who helped pioneer the modern graphic design landscape. Outside of work you can find her teaching and practicing yoga, walking her dog while listening to podcasts, reading health studies, experimenting with longevity and biohacks, stand up paddleboarding, hiking national parks, making kombucha, creating fashion lookbooks, and designing sustainable clothing. A fun fact about Daron is that she has “No risk, no reward” tattooed on her arm — a decision that was inspired by a thesis she decided to write for herself about how to cultivate an environment that fuels perpetual learning and growth. She built a sauna in her house, which she uses avidly. Her favorite album is Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon and her favorite book is The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. And Daron’s desire to solve problems and make aspects of her own life easier help her innovate in ways that make the lives of others easier.