Gary Sung never stops thinking about good design and is incredibly passionate about what he does. His designs tell compelling brand stories, and his strength lies in encouraging beautiful form development in conjunction with design strategy and research—which he’s done across multiple industries, including furniture, consumer electronics, personal care, and outdoor lifestyle products. Gary helps brands develop an authentic voice, and translate it into holistic brand experiences in three dimensions.


Gary has worked for the Wahl Corporation and also the Pegatron Corporation in Taipei City, where he honed his functional-to-beautiful skills and learned the fine arts of teamwork and client communication. Gary graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Industrial Design from Purdue University.


Gary is a Taiwan native, and he’s driven by an insatiable desire to answer real, emotional needs in a physical, tactile way. This passion saw Gary win second place in the International Housewares Association Student Design Award, and graduated as the second ranked student in his class which was judged by industrial design professionals.