Georgia Patera is a student of human behavior whose specialty lies in harnessing the power of observation to unlock deep consumer insights and helping client partners identify the right type of growth — at the right time and in just the right place — to deliver the most impact. The experience she brings to THRIVE is deepening our threads of expertise in ethnographic methodologies, and creating connective tissue between the disciplines of research and strategy, helping translate discoveries to deliberate business applications.


Known for being both a creative powerhouse as well as a keen strategic thinker, Georgia takes pride in leading both internal and external cross-functional teams to unlock opportunities for products, services and experiences, leveraging skill sets from a diverse background that spans more than 10 years working with both B2B and B2C clients. With a dual degree in advertising and journalism from the University of Oregon, she kicked off her career in account management at Chicago-based marketing agency TRIS3CT (now Match Marketing Group), before discovering her passion for innovation. That led her to Egg Strategy, where she spent the past 5 years focused on consumer research design, helping clients unpack user needs and access breakthrough innovation.

In addition to her bachelor’s degree, Georgia also earned a certificate in Disruptive Strategy from HBX | Harvard Business School.


While work finds her deep in ideation and abstract thinking, at home she likes to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty, often unleashing her own creativity in the kitchen. Georgia comes from a long line of cooks and recently inherited her grandmother’s collection of vintage gourmet magazines dating back to 1943. These days you’ll find her leafing through the pages to gain inspiration from the past then break loose to interpret it in modern ways.