Developing empathy through design thinking is the core of Jasmine Hentschel’s work. A multidisciplinary thinker through and through, she brings to THRIVE extensive experience in qualitative research and has created adaptive solutions for domains ranging from television media to agriculture to mobile health. Jasmine possesses a deep knowledge of digital experience design, information science, and technology in emerging markets. As a Linguist-turned-Design Researcher, she’s adept at giving users a voice throughout the design process while carefully balancing their needs with technology and business requirements.



Before joining THRIVE, much of Jasmine’s career took place in academia. After receiving a degree in Linguistics from the University of Michigan, she spent several years as a researcher and writer in the language assessment field. Serendipitously discovering User Experience Research & Design inspired her to return to her alma mater to pursue a Masters in Information Science, where she partnered with organizations all over the world to design innovative and engaging user experiences. Jasmine has led projects with the University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, and the University of Washington.



A native Michigander, Jasmine just recently moved to the Atlanta area. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring her new home, reading grammar books, and cooking elaborate meals. Ask her for a tour of her spice cabinet sometime.

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