A passion for both art and science — and an innate desire to help others — has guided Josephine Edelbrock in her studies and career. It’s what led her to pursue an education in both design and pre-med, and to home in on her particular sweet spot within the design process: the front end, where she gets to analyze user pain points and figure out how to really affect change and improve people’s lives. Josephine brings that empathetic bent to her work as a Design Researcher at THRIVE, helping create meaningful experiences and products with compassion.


Josephine earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design with a concentration in pre-med at the University of Cincinnati. During that time, she gained real-world design experience as a research associate at the Live Well Collaborative where she was involved with ergonomic studies for improving Proctor & Gamble products — including studies for a Swiffer redesign that earned her team the DAAP cares award from UC. She would eventually work for P&G itself in their health and wellness sector as well as their front-end innovation team. Josephine’s past experience also includes an internship at Nottingham Spark, a leading design and innovation consultancy in Cleveland, where she was involved in work across various industries, including medical device design, transportation design and consumer products.


Outside of work, Josephine has found other ways to help people, notably through nourishing food. During the pandemic she began cooking fresh, homemade pastas for her bubble of friends. It brought her so much joy, she turned the hobby into a small business named Gnonna, an ode to both her Italian heritage and the grandmother who taught her the recipes.