Kate Whitney has a diverse background that spans experience in media and education in creative writing and English lit, in addition to years working in design and research. One thing underlies every step of her varied career however: a love of storytelling. Now she applies her formal training in critical thinking and analysis not to literature, but to human studies and ethnography as a Design Researcher, getting to know real people like characters in a book, and synthesizing learnings to tell their stories.


After earning her bachelor’s degree from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Kate began homing in on a passion for design while working as a Research Coordinator at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She subsequently began studying Industrial Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology (where she earned her master’s degree) and took on the role of Interaction Designer at the Atlanta VA, followed by a Graduate Research Assistant position at the Enabling Environments Lab at Ga Tech. Most recently, Kate worked as an Experience Designer at IN2 Innovation before joining THRIVE.


When she’s not working, Kate co-hosts a sci-fi feminist movie podcast with her oldest and dearest friend. She also puts her research and design skills to use in cooking and crafting cocktails.