On every project he touches, Ryan Sanderson pushes boundaries and continually asks, “Why?” and “What’s next?” A native of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, Ryan brings a unique and refreshing aesthetic to his work—encouraging beautiful design through minimalism that’s rare in the U.S. design landscape. Ryan’s specialty is the identification and translation of customer insights into tangible and actionable mandates for design.


Ryan’s work has spanned multiple industries, including healthcare, packaging, soft goods and consumer electronics, and he’s worked with well known brands like AT&T, McDonalds, Graco, Kimberly Clark, Coca-Cola and many more. Ryan earned a B.A. with 1st Class Honors at Northumbria University in England, where he won the Royal Society of Arts’ prestigious Student Design Award.


Ryan totes a notebook with him everywhere he goes, recording inspiration at any time. He’s passionate about discovering every corner of America’s landscape, and brings wisdom beyond his years to the THRIVE team, as well as a minimalistic design aesthetic that’s both unique and refreshing in the U.S. design landscape.