Meet Inno the Elf.

Mischievous, disruptive, a right jolly old force for change, he’s THRIVE’s patron saint of that most elfed up of creative endeavors: Innovation.

“You’d have to be nuts to want to make something truly new in this world,” all the other elves told Inno as, year after year, they churned out mediocre solutions that never stood out. Frankly they were jealous, and didn’t know what we know: that innovation is an impossible, invigorating, transformative, elusive thing. That it’s, in a word, all elfed up.

But Inno knows, and the team of real-world innovators—the THRIVE crew—are intuitive, empathetic, caring, clever and adaptable, creating solutions tailored to just what people want and need. And now you know, too.

So, like Inno, we want you to take a moment to elf some stuff up as 2016 comes to a close, in anticipation of an even more innovative 2017. So stand Inno up with something or where you find innovation and #theinnovationelf.

Innovation is all elfed up — and at THRIVE, we’re all in this together.

Download and print your own Inno here.