Novelty was gone in the commodity-focused world of styling tools. Most innovation circled around intensifying established product forms, a practice that generally caused more hair damage than good—more heat or wattage from a dryer, for example. Goody needed help to truly innovate their product lineup, so THRIVE turned to the brand’s longtime user base for new ideas and solutions.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Goody understood the logistics of hairstyling, but not the emotional and social impact of daily styling routines, so we created personas to help bring the context of the styling experience to life. We quickly identified that the main issue for users was so much time wasted during drawn-out, monotonous styling tasks.

“I cannot say enough good things about this hairbrush. It is my most treasured hair tool. ”

Raider47, Goody® QuikStyle™ Paddle Brush review, Goody.com

Look Outside the Bathroom

We looked for inspiration outside the category that resulted in a flood of interesting ideas for Goody to put to future use. One—the QuickSTYLE platform, anchored by a no-heat-needed detangling brush with water-wicking microfiber material integrated into its bristles—was deemed a winner from the start. The hybridized towel-brush reduced drying time by 30% and became the top-selling hairbrush for Target and other retailers.

Create Something Entirely New

With a commoditized and overly subscribed product category, Goody had few ways to grow. The QuickSTYLE platform created a whole new category, new territory for the company to play in and became the fastest new segment Goody has ever brought to market.

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