Size up the trends, and then set them.

Finding new sources of growth can be daunting, but essential for those who want to THRIVE. We help you navigate this challenge by uncovering the unmet needs that people can’t yet articulate and match them with the future ambitions of your brand. We then create, prioritize, financially evaluate and select opportunities to create a growth strategy that will enable your brand to grow.

  • scenario planning is critical to an effective growth strategy

    Visioning & Strategic Futures

    A clear and compelling vision is critical to success. We explore how the forces of change could impact your business or industry, how to manage them and where the opportunities lie.

    • Macro Trend Analysis
    • Future-Casting
    • Scenario Planning
    • Customer Experience Scenarios
    • Technology Scouting
    • Visioning Workshops
    • Vision Videos
  • strat1

    New Growth Opportunities

    Identifying new opportunity spaces is all about forward thinking. We identify untapped market needs to create meaningful products and services consumers love.

    • Opportunity Frameworks
    • Market Sizing
    • New Business Concepts
    • Growth Platform Definition
    • Value Proposition Development
    • Business Case Development
    • Competitive Analysis
  • Research3

    Innovation Pipeline Development

    Once you have the data and the vision, it’s time to put your plan on paper. We craft strategies and roadmaps that generate organic growth through innovation that your competitors can't match.

    • Innovation Roadmapping
    • Portfolio Planning
  • medical ethnography and customer journey mapping is used to understand the workflow of individuals

    Customer Experience Strategy

    The consumer's needs always come first. We examine those needs to envision how to effectively engage them, change their behavior or simply create meaning.

    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Touchpoint Prioritization
    • Experience Audits
    • Ideal User Experience (IUX) Blueprints
    • Experience Definition & Modeling
    • Experience Design Principles
    • Signature Touchpoint Definition

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