Your brand is your calling card.

Behind every great product is an unforgettable brand—a brand that both stands for something and stands apart from its competitors. THRIVE helps brands achieve iconic and loyalty-rich status by honing the message of who you are and what you’re capable of inside and out. First, brand strategy is evolved to position your prowess and your personality. Then, we translate that identity into your voice, look and product iconograpy.

  • brand-strategy-framework

    Brand Strategy

    Brand strategy defines who you are on the inside. We shape your purpose, position and personality, so your market presence can be clearly felt.

    • Brand Positioning
    • BrandFrame™
    • CharacterMap™
    • Brand Architecture
    • Brand Portfolio Strategy
    • Brand Voice
  • Identity Design

    The way brands "speak" dramatically influences how they are perceived. We visually interpret brands' values to develop visual identity systems that ensure the brand and its position are seen as one.

    • Sensory Branding
    • Brand Tone Definition
    • Logo Design
    • Identity Systems
    • Naming
    • Messaging
    • Data Visualization
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Animation & Video Production
  • product packaging visual brand language for Chick-Fil-A

    Packaging Design

    Packaging should be considered a multi-sensory experience. To connect users with brands, we consider how a package looks, feels, sounds and behaves, as well as the ritual of opening it.

    • Out-of-box Experience
    • Structural Design
    • Packaging Graphics
    • Die-Lines & Mock-up Samples

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