Human Factors helps create products that are not only safe and effective to operate but also desirable and easy to use. We apply a human-centered design approach through contextual research, use-related risk and adverse event analysis, and usability testing to improve the safety and effectiveness of your product and minimize use error. THRIVE provides everything you need to meet FDA’s and other regulators’ human factors expectations and successfully get your new medical devices to market.



Human factors is a multidisciplinary practice focused on understanding human capabilities, natural inclinations, cognitive processes, physical abilities, or constraints. We use this understanding of human behavior and capabilities to create new product designs that seamlessly align with the way humans interact with and approach a product in the real world around them. Human factors meets at the intersection of psychology, design and systems engineering, helping medical device companies with the design of equipment and products that are not only intuitive and satisfying to use but also reduce cognitive load, mitigate human error, and ensure that your products are designed to fit the user – not the other way around.



Commercial success hinges on the quality of a users’ interactions with your product. It needs to be usable and intuitive, elevate human performance, and reduce the amount of “trial and error” experienced during the user experience. Good ergonomics and exceptional usability will help make your product safe and mitigate harmful use errors and interaction issues, so that the product effectively does what it is intended to do. Developing an intuitive and effective product can be incredibly challenging without a deep understanding of your products’ end users – and all of the unexpected things that can go wrong during use.


But, achieving commercial success in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries with medical device and combination drug-delivery devices is not feasible without first receiving regulatory approval or clearance. A comprehensive human factors design program is an essential requirement of your regulatory submission to ensure that your product is not vulnerable to potentially harmful decision-making and human error when placed in real-world use. Aligning your product development efforts with the regulatory expectations is of the upmost importance and helps smooth the path for a successful submission.



Our in-house human factors professionals have decades of experience in human factors psychology and applying human factors methods in a wide range of work environments and industries. At THRIVE, we work alongside you to progress your project, anticipate needs, fill in gaps, and act as a guide for you and your human factors engineering needs. If it’s your first time applying human factors and you need a comprehensive end-to-end human factors program, we’ll scope out the program and conduct the activities on your behalf, leaving you time and resources to focus elsewhere. If you’re a HFE professional who is resource-constrained, we’ll step in, providing the teamwork, collaboration, and support to help you meet your goals. Or, if you just want a final sanity check to ensure you’ve met the latest and greatest expectations, we’ll do that too.


Our human factors specialists are up to date on the latest human factors regulations set forth by the FDA in the United States, as well as other regulators worldwide, and will guide you from a strategy and execution perspective.


We have extensive experience applying human factors to products ranging from medical devices used by specialized healthcare professionals in clinical environments to combination products used by laypeople in the home to in-vitro diagnostic systems or reprocessing workflows used by technicians in the lab. Regardless of the type of product you’re developing or the users you’re creating it for, we’re here to help. 


Collaboration begins with a conversation. Reach out to THRIVE today.

  • Generative Research

    We speak with users and observe their natural interactions to extract rich insights into their ideal product experience. Then, we translate these insights into actionable UI requirements to produce a product that seamlessly aligns with users’ needs and expectations.

    • Contextual Inquiry
    • Observations
    • Stakeholder Interviews
    • Competitor Benchmarking
    • UI Requirements Definition
    • Expert Interviews
    • Focus groups
  • Instructional Design

    High-quality instructional design and supporting documentation is crucial, regardless of whether the goal is to communicate complex workflows, or simply to help a user who gets stuck. THRIVE's combined expertise of human factors, information design and iconography ensures the development of simple, clear IFUs that help your user get it right safely and correctly first time.

    • Instructions for Use (IFU)
    • Quick Reference Guide (QRG)
    • Content Development
    • Illustration Style Development
    • Visual Design & Layouts/Fold Patterns
    • Packaging + Labeling
  • Usability Testing & Evaluation

    Iterative feedback and design are key to an intuitive, safe user interface. We conduct a variety of evaluations and usability tests to get to the root of usability issues and then develop recommendations to stop these issues in their tracks.

    • Expert Review / Design Critique
    • Formative Usability Testing
    • HF Validation Usability testing
    • UI Design Validation Testing
    • Comparative Use HF Testing
  • Human Factors Analysis

    Developing an intuitive, safe, and effective product starts with understanding how your product works, and then determining what can go wrong. We conduct a variety of analysis activities to help you design a product that is as safe as possible.

    • Task Analysis
    • Use-related Risk Analysis (URRA / uFMEA)
    • Known Problems Analysis
    • Threshold Analysis
  • Deliverable Development

    Executing on research and analysis activities is one thing, but ensuring you have all of the documented puzzle pieces for a submission is another. We develop or review various deliverables to help you take credit for all of the hard work you’ve performed along the way.

    • HFE/UE reports
    • User profiles
    • Use environment descriptions
    • Use specifications
    • User interface specifications
  • Regulatory Advising & Support

    Navigating the regulatory landscape in US and global markets requires knowledge, as well as an attention to detail and nuance. We help you interpret, respond to, and execute on your regulatory needs and interactions to ensure the smoothest submission possible.

    • Regulatory Strategy Development
    • Pre-Submission Support
    • Regulatory Advising (FDA, IEC62366-1, MDR, MHRA)
    • Interpretation of Regulatory Feedback
    • Responses to Additional Information Requests
    • Attendance or Preparation for Regulatory Meetings
  • THRIVE Labs

    THRIVE Labs is our state-of-the-art in-house usability lab consisting of two labs with adjacent viewing suites. Perfect for conducting various tests across devices and experiences, including Usability Tests, Formative and HF Validation Tests.

    • Three (3) HDTV 1080p pan, tilt, zoom wall and ceiling mount dome cameras to cover every angle
    • Two (2) Shure ceiling microphones and adjustable stereo sound equipment to ensure you don’t miss a thing
    • Advanced real-time video streaming and recording services
    • Dual large screen monitors for close-up views of those critical user interactions
    • Respondent transcription services
    • Respondent incentive handling, onsite parking, and complimentary WiFi