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People expect functionality from their ux/ui design—that’s a given. But what they really want is for you to exceed their expectations. With that in mind, our team steps in to audit and adapt your user interface and ux design to maximize ease-of-use, accommodate a variety of user flows and eliminate lingering user frustrations. The end result is an intuitive, smile-inducing user experience for them, and improved product reviews, deeper customer loyalty and increased market authority for you, all confirmed by ui testing. Now that’s a wow factor.


When your user experience and user interface are designed to maximize users’ enjoyment and experience, you’ve got a win-win situation. You will be creating customer loyalty while you give your customers an experience they’ll appreciate. Thrive’s team can help get you there.


The Basics

UX refers to user experience, and describes just that: your users’ experience as they interact with your company. UX includes how easy, or how difficult, it is for your customers to conduct business, complete forms, take action, purchase a product through your website or mobile website, and more.

UI stands for user interface, and refers to the experience your customers have when they interact with your company online or through a mobile device. This includes the screens, buttons, graphics, drop-down menus, pages and other elements that go into the website or mobile website.

So, UX is more about the users’ interactions and experience, while the UI is more about the look and feel of your company’s website or mobile website.


Why are UX and UI Important?

Both UX and UI are important for any business, service organization or anyone with a web presence. Here’s why:

If you have UX without UI, you may have the framework in place for customers to interact and transact business through your site, but it’s not attractive or eye-catching. If you have UI without UX, you may have a visually stunning website design, but your customers cannot do anything on your site. That is to say, there is no navigation, forms, shopping cart or other interaction opportunities.

Generally, it is important to map out your UX design first, and then create a user interface to support that structure.


How Thrive Can Help

At Thrive, we provide UX UI design services, as well as user interface testing.

User Experience Design

We will work closely with you to understand your business. How do you want and need customers to be able to interact with you online or through mobile applications? We understand that positive customer experiences can attract, engage and retain customers, and we’ll work to create a user experience designed to do just that.

User Interface Design

We can help you create interactive interfaces and applications designed to “wow” your customers, making their customer experience enjoyable, simple and effective. We will work with you to define your requirements and goals, so that what you get is what you want.

Usability and UX Interface Testing

Our experienced team of UX and UI experts can step in to conduct a variety of tests and analysis designed to give you a clear idea of what your users experience when they visit your site, and how easy site navigation and interactions are. We’ll also perform competitive testing and benchmarking to give you an idea of how your UX/UI stacks up against your competition. The results of our testing give you actionable insight and recommendations to improve your customers’ experience and brand loyalty.


Design, or Improve your UX/UI Today!

Scroll down to read case studies for some well-known and high-profile companies. Then, contact us today to learn more and get started.

  • UI UX Design

    User Interface Design

    We design, structure and develop interactive applications and interfaces that shape more effective and coherent experiences, inspire confidence and that are simple and enjoyable to use.

    • User Requirements Definition
    • Information Architecture (IA)
    • Wireframes
    • Interface Narrative
    • Task Analysis
    • User Flows
    • Visual Design
    • Interactive Prototyping
    • UI Frameworks
  • improving the patient experience in healthcare at Mercy Hospital

    User Experience Design

    Compelling experiences make a difference. We translate customer goals into orchestrated, integrated experiences that attract, engage and, most of all, truly matter to real people.

    • Use Case Scenarios
    • Slice of Life Scenarios
    • Interaction Design
    • Experience Prototyping
    • Signature Experience Design
  • user-interface-prototyping

    Usability & UX Interface Testing

    Testing results in actionable insights you know are correct. We conduct a variety of usability and user experience tests and sessions to create recommendations that lead to better products.

    • Usability Testing
    • Design Walk-Throughs
    • Heuristic Analysis
    • Storyboard Studies
    • Competitive Testing & Benchmarking
    • A/B Testing

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