Honeywell, a leading manufacturer of home wellness products, was successful in the humidifier category, but its retail channels were tapped out. To gain wider distribution, the brand’s next generation console humidifier needed to wow, stirring up excitement in places where the category had been overlooked before. THRIVE stepped in to bring a detail-oriented, user-focused touch to the whole endeavor.


Ironically, in order to stand out a humidifier needs to hide well, able to disappear seamlessly into a home’s décor. We surveyed the market, creating walls full of sketches until we landed on a versatile shape that allowed for multiple orientations in any room. Simple details ensured that it blended with a number of homeowner furnishings and design aesthetics as well.


The humidifier category was hungry for marketable innovations, so we created our design to integrate with Honeywell’s proprietary Air Washing technology, which captures dust, dirt and pollen. This gave the product new value to distributors who could highlight the benefit to those with allergies or young children.


Finally, we created multiple fully formed prototypes, each time testing the sound of the unit before arriving at the QuietCare Console Humidifier. Now, not only was the humidifier aesthetically quiet, it was physically quiet too, ensuring that no interruption would come to daily activities or sleeping families.


The unique technology, coupled with smart design, allowed Honeywell to capture a competitive edge in the humidifier category. As a result, product placement has expanded into a variety of new retail channels and has proven to be profitable.


“As an exercise in design, this is a rare product. It is simple and simply wonderful. It has a strange 'Jetson' asthetic that grows on you over time, and the functionality is near perfect. ”

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“This humidifier kicks butt! I have had a variety of humidifiers over the past several years, and this one far out performs them all. ”

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“We have used the humidifier around the clock. It has saved us from the constant dry air we have during the winter...what a great product!”

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