Parker pens have graced the writing desks of queens, sultans, and American presidents. The brand has been around for more than a century, and is well recognized all over the world. Yet their purchase experience left something to be desired. THRIVE stepped in to renew the romance and build anticipation from the point of purchase to unboxing and daily use.

Start Thinking About the Entire Experience

The analog appeal of a fine writing instrument and the experience Parker was ultimately giving buyers didn’t add up. No matter which pen was bought—a $50 entry-level or $500 luxury pen—buyers received little contact after the sale, little romance, and the same nondescript box. The packaging, buying and ownership experience had become an afterthought—and a hindrance to the brand.

Define Your Niche in the Luxury Landscape

Parker understood that with a legacy like theirs, luxury was their birthright. The question that remained was how to stake their claim in the fine writing tool marketplace. We performed an in-depth exploration of “luxury” itself, resulting in a new brand position that defined Parker’s niche as a combination of its analogue performance credibility and authentic, storied past.

Meet Buyers at Every Step of the Sale

With brand position set, THRIVE then researched what other luxury brands were doing to stand out. The insight: top luxury brands transform unboxing into an exclusive and well-paced performance. To fix Parker’s presentation problems, we re-imagined the pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase experience to exude luxury and specialness at every turn, from anticipatory items that come in the mail before your pen arrives, to a dramatic unboxing, a paced reveal of information, and physical “reminders” that stick around on buyers’ desktops.

Design for Today & Tomorrow

In the end, our re-imagined design teased the experience of ownership before the pen even shipped. Operating instructions and other collateral paced vital information, unfolding like a beautifully penned narrative. The pen box became a vehicle for extending the experience day after day, and included stands that became inkwells, containers for extra nibs, and personalization options. Thus, the new unboxing experience helped to revitalize the company’s overall brand image and made the experience of buying a Parker Pen a consistent, well-paced pleasure at every step in the customer journey. Today, Parker Pens can leverage luxury like never before and connect with new pen lovers everywhere.

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