Join THRIVE at 2018 Innov8rs Summit, set for March 22-23 at the Atlanta Tech Village. During this 2-day event, join experts and innovation leaders in Atlanta to share best practices, experiment with methods and frameworks and learn new skills. You can find registration information here.

THRIVE will be running a Master Class – Unlocking New Value Through Customer Experience Mapping on day-2 of the Summit at its Atlanta Mid-West Town studio. Come and join us!

Master Class – Unlocking New Value Through Customer Experience Mapping

This interactive Master Class introduces THRIVE’s system of experience mapping for product and service development. Participants will be introduced to the tools and analytical techniques of contextual inquiry, experience mapping, and opportunity identification. They will then apply them to a simulated product or service scenario in real-time. The final activity will be to analyze the overall experience as a journey from a single or multi-stakeholder perspective, uncovering pain points, needs, and moments of truth, and identifying opportunities, interventions and, strategies for value creation.

You will learn:

– How to capture the behaviors, flows, and the emotions of people in a real-world context over the course of a defined experience

– How to visually map the interactions between stakeholders

– How to identify and contextualize the unmet needs of your target audience

– How to identify gaps in the experience, and how to use them as a basis for identifying new opportunities

About the 2018 Innov8rs Atlanta Summit


In a rapidly and constantly changing business environment, industries are being disrupted one by one. In response, big organizations are figuring out how to innovate faster, better and continuously. Most large companies are now taking innovation seriously, implementing labs, training, programs, and creating dedicated innovation functions. But, despite all the talk about innovation, it’s not easy to effectively and successfully implement company-wide innovation programs. There’s more talk – and action – but many aren’t yet getting the results they expected.

Innov8rs summits are designed to bridge this gap, focused on co-creation so you can connect and collaborate with people in similar roles chasing similar objectives facing similar challenges. You will understand how others are doing it, experiment with new methods and tools, and learn essential skills.

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