THRIVE is pleased to announce its role in the development of a new innovative radiation detector for emergency responders. THRIVE collaborated with Mirion Technologies to develop the new Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) providing Product Development, User Interface Design, Branding, and Packaging expertise to help Mirion launch the AccuRad device.

For Emergency Responders.
By Emergency Responders.

The AccuRad device is the first personal radiation detector (PRD) developed in close collaboration with first responders and state and federal law enforcement, to address their most critical needs.

THRIVE’s in-field contextual design research revealed three key needs crucial to delivering a meaningful and relevant product for the emergency responder:

– UNCOMPLICATED: An intuitive interface with clear, visual information, bright LED alarm indicators, and self-explanatory buttons provide easy operation with minimal to no training. Device data is also automatically saved with no operator action required.

– DISCRETE: With an easy-to-read top-screen display, users can glance at a reading without having to remove the AccuRad PRD from their belt or pocket. A built-in discreet mode silences alarms; headphone connectivity adds an even greater level of stealthy operation.

– DURABILITY: The AccuRad PRD is resistant to dust, sand, and moisture and rated IP-67. Its rugged body provides protection and improves shock resistance and handling, helping it stand up to the rigors of life in the field time and time again.

“The emergency responders and public health officials charged with detecting and dealing with radiation face constantly shifting challenges every day,” says Keith Spero, Director of Homeland Security & Military Sales at Mirion. “We are proud to offer a PRD that is capable of responding to these challenges…to help keep our emergency responders and the public safe.”

The innovative PRD will benefit emergency responders and radiation protection personnel in a wide range of situations, including event security, border protection, and critical infrastructure security.

The AccuRad radiation detector is now available. For more information, visit

About Mirion Technologies | Detection & Measurement Division
The Mirion Technologies Detection & Measurement Division specializes in radiation measurement, personnel protection, advanced safety and search, and decontamination and decommissioning solutions for a variety of applications, from research to high-temperature cameras. This division also offers technical resources available around the world to provide installation and consulting services, training and application support. The Mirion Detection & Measurement Division is part of the Mirion Technologies group, headquartered in San Ramon (CA – USA), a portfolio company of Charterhouse Capital Partners. For additional information, please visit:

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