THRIVE and Mirion Spotlighted on America by Design TV Series

THRIVE is thrilled to be featured on the primetime television series America by Design. Our award-winning design for Mirion Technologies on the AccuRad Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) will be spotlighted as a technological breakthrough reshaping the world and making it a safer place on Saturday, June 26th. 

The show, which centers around cutting-edge American innovations and ingenious design, chose to feature the Mirion AccuRad PRD because of the impact the device has already had on the lives of emergency responders. Before now, the very same people working on the front lines to keep others safe, were battling an otherwise invisible, scarcely detectable enemy — radiation. 

America by Design will give you a first hand look at how our team took a life-threatening problem and developed a life-saving solution. THRIVE gathered real-world insights and ethnographic research from emergency responders by not only talking to them about their needs — but by observing them in the field and identifying their greatest pain points. 

The last thing someone under intense pressure and deadly circumstances wants to deal with is anything that could complicate their job. Our designers set out to remove obstacles, increase efficiencies, and create a PRD that would feel purpose-built for first responders. This three-way collaboration between THRIVE, Mirion Technologies, and the people we wanted to serve, resulted in a vastly more ergonomic, human-centric device with easy-to-read, simplified interfaces; built-in privacy to avoid creating panic; and several other features to make the device more durable and conspicuous. 

While Mirion already boasted an incredible line of products, the AccuRad PRD has quickly become a standout, earning several awards and government contracts for its effectiveness and blend of technical precision and ease-of-use. 

America by Design will give primetime viewers a closer look at what it takes to turn a great idea into a marketable product that provides legitimate value to customers. The predecessors to the America by Design series, California by Design and New York by Design, drew more than four million viewers. The spin-off series focused on innovation is estimated to reach an average viewership of 1.2 million people each episode in its U.S. time-slots and a cumulative audience of more than 7.25 million viewers for the total six episodes. 

The sixth and final episode will feature one or more of the innovations chosen by the audience. The format for the final episode on July 17th is conducted as a recap of the top ten innovations of the season, as selected by the show’s judging panel. 

For viewers outside of the broadcast areas (Austin, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco), every episode will be available for streaming on By Design TV YouTube Channel and the America by Design website shortly after the episodes air on television. 

Tune in on Saturday, June 26th to see how the Mirion AccuRad PRD is changing the game for emergency responders and give THRIVE a vote!

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