Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA)

THRIVE Announced today that its has become an IDSA Ambassador to increase it focus on promoting design as a strategic business tool for industry. “We at THRIVE are strong believers in the notion that to be good at one’s chosen profession you must not only utilize your skill-set through your craft, but  also keep abreast of industry trends and look to influential leaders for inspiration,” said Jonathan Dalton, CEO and Co-Founder of THRIVE. “We are therefore pleased to announce that we are joining a list of well-respected fellow ambassadors and accepting a role as an ambassador of the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA).”

As an ambassador for the IDSA we welcome the opportunity to share our insights with others, as it is with this exchange of ideas and continued thought leadership that meaningful change can truly happen. Taking a human-centered approach we keep people at the heart of everything we do, and this does not stop with our client partners and the consumer during the design process. We believe passionately in the power of the ideas of our peers to change attitudes and lives as well.

IDSA is the perfect platform to be able to share these insights and ideas as we collaborate with other thought leaders in the industry and are able to align efforts to advocate positive change in the Industrial Design profession.

It is within this role that among other things, we will host networking events with IDSA members, and create awareness that will grow the network and ever increasing influence of the Industrial Designer.

To learn more about the Atlanta Chapter of the IDSA go to

If you wish to follow THRIVE’s editorial content on topics such as product development, human-centered design and engineering and visual story-telling go to

We look forward to seeing and talking with you in 2016!

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