Youth Entrepreneurship

THRIVE hosted a workshop for the educators of the Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia (YEGeorgia) at its Atlanta design studio where THRIVE CEO & Co-Founder Jonathan Dalton shared his entrepreneurship journey with those attending, and discussed the merits of Design Thinking as a critical approach for successful entrepreneurs.

We Believe in the Power of Youth Entrepreneurs

YEGeorgia is an immersive education program that has empowered thousands of students through the gift of entrepreneurship. The hands-on curriculum exposes youth to practical business knowledge to encourage a new approach to problem-solving. YEGeorgia transforms mindsets and elevates expectations, challenging our youth to embrace their immense potential, sharpen their skills and create the futures they envision for themselves and their communities.

Children born into poverty in our community have less than 5% chance of climbing out. YEGEORGIA is making a significant impact to overcome that uncomfortable truth. To donate or get involved you can contact YEGeorgia here.


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