Jessica Franklin is a Human Factors Engineer and multidisciplinary thinker who uses a wholistic approach to help create products and systems that make an impact. She leverages her wideranging knowledge, expertise, and empathy to give patients and users dignified experiences. Jessica is known for skillfully applying design thinking to medical device design.



After earning her Master’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering from Drexel University, Jessica went on to work as a Human Factors Specialist. In this role, she was responsible for developing and executing comprehensive Usability Engineering/Human Factors programs in compliance with ISO-62366 standards, guiding FDA submissions across diverse medical device categories. Jessica created study designs, moderated, and produced final reports for both formative and summative studies. She also worked closely with multidisciplinary teams, both internal and external, to gather and analyze user feedback, integrating various research methods like in-person ethnography, digital studies, surveys, interviews, and focus groups. After working as an HF Specialist, Jessica took on the role of Senior Human Factors Engineer. She applied usability standards and FDA guidelines in devising HFE strategies for diverse projects. Additionally, her responsibilities included continuous improvement of HF/UE deliverables, scoping product development projects to align with agency directives, championing Human Factors, research, and user-centric design, and collaborating with internal and client Quality teams for standard compliance, risk management, and usability engineering deliverables.


Jessica has an Australian shepherd mix (part chow chow and malamute) who she adores. She enjoys reading — especially, anything relating to psychology — and she enjoys talking to strangers (you can frequently find her at parks making new friends and learning their stories). Even outside of work, Jessica’s mind gravitates towards Human Factors. Anywhere she goes, her gears begin to turn about how to improve a situation or experience for people. In fact, that’s one of the things that drew her to THRIVE. She saw the impact THRIVE had on the Florida Hospital for Children and felt THRIVE’s values aligned with hers.