Ronaldo is an experienced industrial designer focused on crafting award-winning products and deliverables that result in enhancing brands and helping companies grow. Having worked as an industrial designer since 2003, Ronaldo has collaborated with consultancies and in-house designer and corporate teams working on medical devices, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics. He excels at problem-solving, inheriting a task, and then, satisfying all of the stakeholders. He prides himself in being someone who can execute and satisfy both end-users and marketing goals through his products. Ronaldo has worked with a spectrum of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, proving his capability of working on agile projects as well as fitting into the dynamics of established organizations and teams.


Ronaldo launched his career as an industrial designer at Worrell Design prior to graduating to a Senior Industrial Designer role at Bridge Design. At Bridge he was responsible for design execution, with projects ranging from large scale capital equipment to small, cost-sensitive goods. Ronaldo was also involved in product research and utilizing data from findings to create product definition, features, and use cases. At Invue, Ronaldo served as the Industrial Design Lead, re-defining the visual expression of multiple product categories as well as retail security and analytics, mobile payment / POS solutions, and the rapidly growing data center security. He also worked in tandem with product category managers to help define feature sets and product criteria and provided influential input towards the design and aesthetic direction of new products. After his time at InVue, Ronaldo stepped into a senior industrial designer role at Karten Design, where he managed the design direction of multiple interdisciplinary projects. He led teams of industrial and graphic designers to create world-class deliverables to clients.


Ronaldo enjoys putting a personal touch and his creative stamp on his design work as well as making clients feel understood and cared for. He is ever-curious and has developed a strong intuition to complement his design approach and execution over the years. He also enjoys spending time with his kids and teaching them to view their capabilities as limitless. As for hobbies, Ronaldo regularly cycles and tinkers with appliances — especially broken ones. After all, he believes a designer needs to know things from the inside out. Additionally, he knows all of the yoyo tricks and has a collection of old tennis rackets. When he travels, he always makes sure to find the time to snorkel.