Seeking Relief Through Redesign

Dentek, an innovator in the non-electrical oral care market, was facing pressure to refresh its Dental Emergency Repair line or lose critical shelf space. THRIVE helped the company rise above years of poor product and packaging design to upgrade its image and regain its market share.

Starting from Square One

We looked at the entire consumer journey, determining that a total re-design of both product and packaging was necessary to help Dentek’s product stand out among the competition and keep retailers from dropping them from shelves. Then, we conducted observational research with consumers to understand how the category was perceived and what they sacrificed when using the product.

Going Pro to Gain Legitimacy

Buyers explained that the company’s applicator (essentially a pointy wooden stick) lacked the professional and clinical cues expected of an oral care product. Worse for Dentek, this lack of clinical cues made it easy for competitors to swoop in with their own more ergonomic, hygienic and easy-to-use options. To repair this reputation, we took inspiration from professional-grade dental tools, creating an applicator with an integrated grip that guided users to accurately place Dentek’s Temparin® filling material into place and which felt more like a professional-grade condenser than a toothpick.

Getting Colorful to Grow Visibility

Even with a great, professionally-inspired product, Dentek’s dull, outdated packaging and confusing illustrations did little to telegraph the quality within. After mapping the competition, we found that the dental category seemed to love blue. Aiming to stand apart, we wrapped Dentek in high-key white with super-bright accents that stood out and evoked a clinical, advanced, professional-grade first impression. We also added detailed illustrated directions.

“You repositioned our brand in a functional category that lacked a strong proposition and imagination. The concurrent development of product and communications delivered a new product system solution that has a unique shelf presence and drives sales. ”

Jon Jansheski, CEO & Chief Innovation Officer, Dentek Oral Care, Inc.

“It was super easy to use and now I will always keep a pack in case of emergencies.”

Ty, customer review on

Simplifying & Satisfying

Finally, we tackled the product line’s wasteful design. Our new, single-serve design used less Temparin® per pack and made the product more travel-friendly, so people could stock up and keep the new kit in their cars and emergency kits. As a result, Dentek earned 20% more shelf space, buyer confidence rose and many consumers began buying extra packs to stow in their luggage, car, first aid kits or boats in case of emergency.

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