Bringing the Heat to Untapped Markets

Before Thrive* stepped in, Bernzomatic was known only for its propane expertise in the construction industry, having no share in the “outdoor living” consumer market. We changed this by creating a product that homeowners felt safe assembling on their own and were happy to use on chilly evenings.

Designing from the Ground Up

Propane cylinders were unfamiliar (and a little scary) to the home market. To solve this, we re-thought the entire category, working from the ground up to engineer new propane and gas flow regulators, a new propane nozzle, burner assembly and jets, and a unique heat distribution system. We then packed it all inside a never-before-seen “nested” design that made it easier to ship.

Collapsible Heater Requires No Assembly

Getting Technical While Addressing the Emotional

Despite the prevalence of gas-powered grills in backyards, our research revealed that the typical homeowner was pretty frightened of gas appliances and lacked confidence when it came to assembling them. So, we started from scratch here too, designing a sleek heater that required zero assembly. Buyers simply unboxed the unit, pulled up on the top, and then locked everything into place with a twist—one step, no tools, no worries.

Raising the Bar for Competitors

Though Bernzomatic was new to the consumer market, it entered with a serious spark thanks to our expertise in fluid dynamics, structural engineering, material science and manufacturing, as well as our emphasis on consumer-optimized safety, heat output and shipping costs. In short, by rethinking every aspect of what made an ideal patio heater, we made sure that our product stood out, and competitors could not rely on quick fixes to match it.

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