THRIVE is Speaking at the 2017 Medical Device Human Factors and Usability Conference in Alexandria, VA.

THRIVE will be speaking at this years Medical Device Human Factors and Usability Conference on September 18–19, 2017 | Alexandria, VA | Hilton Alexandria Mark Center.

Join us in Informing Human Factors & User Needs for Medical Devices while Meeting Regulatory Expectations by Creating Appropriate Risk Assessment Testing, Generating Design Criteria for Efficient Formative & Summative Studies & Accounting for User Needs During R&D. THRIVE will be sponsoring and presenting at the event:

Unlocking New Value Through Quantified Experience Mapping

The medical device and technology industry itself is undergoing transformative change. Organizations are operating in highly competitive markets and searching for new business opportunities that will fuel growth in both their core businesses and beyond. Facing these intense pressures, how can medical device organizations systematically understand the unmet needs of healthcare stakeholders, identify viable new opportunities, and help develop new product systems, services and experiences that generate and capture real value?  To address this challenge, we will introduce a rigorous and scalable human centered design framework that utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research to help visually map the holistic stakeholder experience, frame evidence-based insights, and illuminate new opportunities for growth by:

– Co-developing and mapping a holistic understanding of the healthcare context through a multi-stakeholder lens.

– Identifying quantitatively validated user pain points, unmet needs, and gaps in the current state experience to help organization focus on solving the problems that matter most.

– Defining the ideal user experience to help inform and guide user experience and product development initiatives.


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