Akshay, a user experience and design researcher, conducts ethnographic and user-centered research, formulates design strategy, and conducts qualitative usability testing. He holds a Master’s Degree focused in Design Management and Industrial & Product Design from The Savannah College of Art and Design. Akshay is fluent in a variety of methods, ranging from primary and secondary UX research, and he also works well in a collaborative team structure. He enjoys utilizing the power of storytelling, ideas, and data visualization to communicate challenges and solutions.


Akshay started off as an architect back in Mumbai, India. He worked his way up from being an intern to a Project Manager before moving to the United States to pursue a career in industrial design. While his love for architecture and industrial design didn’t dissipate, he became fascinated with design research and never looked back. As a design researcher, Akshay has conducted stakeholder interviews, analyzed data, completed field research, tested prototypes, generated innovative packaging product ideas, managed the complex relationships between sales and manufacturing, and much more. He is known for being accountable, energetic, and honest, as well as being a keen observer. Akshay delivers meaningful value to THRIVE, our clients, and users through a finely-tuned blend of user-centered innovation, empathy and need- finding, and business strategy.


Akshay’s passions and hobbies share a common theme — they all demonstrate a generosity of spirit. He loves cooking for others, meeting new people and talking to them and making new friends, continuing to teach and learn from others, and being an active listener and observer. He also enjoys solving puzzles (Akshay has a collection of Rubix cubes), river rafting, sailing, swimming, drinking a good stout, baking bread, practicing meditation, finding new technologies and being an early adopter, and reading books about body language and implementing this knowledge professionally.