Senior UX Designer George Ressler brings his user experience design expertise combined with a background in research and strategy (“that fuzzy front end” of product design, as he calls it), to his work here at THRIVE. It’s a unique set of skills that provides a strategic point of view when working with clients to solve complex business problems, whether he’s designing intuitive user interfaces or building visions for new products from the ground up.


Though George received a degree in industrial design from the University of Kansas, he started his career with a focus on the research side of things, but soon found himself drawn to the world of UI. He recalls that it was a natural transition, as the rapid pace of creating digital products allowed him to continue research work, which would inform product design, then influence his work in crafting the UX and UI. George’s experience since has spanned the healthcare and MedTech industry, leading him to work for clients such as GE Healthcare, Intuitive Surgical, and CareFusion, as well as the automotive industry, where he worked on designing easy-to-use driver interfaces with a focus on balancing function, form, and safety.


Currently living in Los Angeles, when he’s not working, George can usually be found hiking or rock climbing in the mountains of southern California. His penchant for the outdoors began as a child growing up in Denver, which he says might have played a role in leading him toward a career in design: “Being able to tromp around in the mountains and kind of build whatever mini-worlds you can dream up was really creatively inspiring.”