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A startup in the field of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, Clearside Biomedical knows a lot about eye health. However, after developing a revolutionary SCS™ (suprachoroidal space) Microinjector, the company still faced an uphill battle securing financing, FDA trials, and adoptees in the exam room. THRIVE addressed unforeseen user experience issues to push Clearside’s product to the forefront.

Understanding the Barriers to Product Adoption

Clearside’s innovative microinjector administers drugs to the posterior segment of the eye to treat diseases like uveitis, retinal vein occlusion and wet age-related macular, with less pain. It’s a serious advancement. But as we discovered, ophthalmic procedures are extremely efficient, well-oiled machines. Introducing anything new, no matter how revolutionary, can upset the balance in the exam room and kill a new product’s chances. Thus, Clearside would need to address the human side of their product, not just the technical aspects to create a compelling user experience and the momentum for change.

Laying Out the Tray
Applying Betadine
Drawing Up the Medication
Plunging the Medication
Swabbing the Site
Clean-Up & Instrument Sterilization

Seeing Inside and Beyond the Exam Room

Studying the product in practice, we found that the whole procedure involving Clearside’s SCS™ Microinjector lasted only two minutes, from the time the doctor entered the room to when they shut the door on their way out. Since usability requirements rule the day here, performance was already up to par. What was lacking was a clear value-add for the rest of the team: everyone from administrators to nurses.

Physician & Patient Journey Map

Extending the Human Element

The process opened Clearside’s eyes to human factors they didn’t expect, everything from the way the device is acquired by the office to the way it is set up and reimbursed. THRIVE used this data to define an ideal user experience (IUX) framework, then built out experience principles on two levels: the first generation of product design, and the user experience journey for all stakeholders.

Forging New Partnerships

Our ability to help them see opportunity and define their IUX paid off: THRIVE’s work helped Clearside forge a new partnerships with pharmaceutical company Santen Inc. and led the SCS™ Microinjector into Phase 2 FDA clinical trials.

“THRIVE opened our eyes to the physician and patient journey. They helped us understand how ophthalmologists do their work and the process patients go through. That allowed us to successfully introduce a new procedure to inject drugs into the eye. The THRIVE team are outgoing, fun and great communicators. Throughout the project, they were accessible, open to ideas and suggestions, and worked seamlessly with my team. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of consultants.”

Rafael V. Andino, Vice President — Engineering & Manufacturing, Clearside Biomedical, Inc.

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