A User Experience Designer with a passion for storytelling, Charleen uses design to enhance empathy and turn products into experiences that leave a long-lasting positive impacts on people. She has been an avid reader since childhood and first grew interested in UX Design when she met a UX Designer on a fan fiction website at just twelve years old. Charleen immediately knew that she wanted to pursue this path, which would allow her to tell stories through digital design.


Her last name Firlus is pronounced fear-less — an adjective that describes Charleen’s self-directed journey through her blossoming career. A design graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Charleen was a first generation member of an exclusive program developed by SCAD and Google. The program prepares graduates for careers in UX Design with an emphasis on physical prototyping, CAD modeling, electronics development, and much more. She loves clean, simple, yet bold designs. Additionally, Charleen has an enormous heart for helping others as evidenced by her time volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club, raising money to fight the polio epidemic in impoverished countries, and preparing international students for creative careers and major cultural, social, and academic transitions.


Charleen dives deep into everything she does. She enjoys aquarium landscaping, learning about pyrotechnics (recently signed up for Camp Lip Balm to learn how to master them), and is subscribed to the Burning Man Music Festival newsletter. She describes herself as whimsical, existential, and an extroverted introvert. Her favorite food is salad and twice baked potatoes. Charleen also has a cat named Sweetheart who she’s had since she was 8 years old. If she was stranded on a desert island, she would want a multitool, her favorite book Watership Down by Richard Adams, and a memory foam pillow. Lastly, Charleen enjoys playing video games, hiking, eating out at restaurants, movies, writing, and cross-stitching.