As a Content Strategist at THRIVE, Connor helps the innovation firm with brand messaging, communications, and content strategy. He excels at chameleoning his writing voice to ensure the success of campaigns regardless of the medium. Coming from both a creative and entrepreneurial background, Connor takes pride in finding the balance between art and commerce.


Connor’s career kicked off as a content writer and an SEO specialist for ZipRecruiter in Los Angeles. During that period, he continued to work on his books and his first entrepreneurial venture StudyHubb — a swipe-based mobile app designed to help college students find “study buddies.” As a non-techie founder, Connor was happy to see StudyHubb become a reality and capture 10,000+ users on a zero-dollar marketing budget before he developed My Typewriter, a virtual typewriter app. However, writing remained his first love. He continued to write freelance as a copywriter, blogger, and travel writer for brands and magazines such as Private Clubs Magazine, Texas Pete, Green Mountain Gringo, South Magazine, Georgia Hollywood Review, Blue Mountain Review, SnackNation, Simply Buckhead, and much more, earning the Edward Readicker-Henderson Travel Classics Award for Emerging Writers along the way.


Connor is the author of Falling Up in The City of Angels, two poetry books, Book Excellence Awards Finalist Spellbound Under The Spanish Moss, which he co-authored with his father, and the forthcoming second and third books of the Spellbound Trilogy. He also helps run Lucid House Publishing, a book publishing company he co-founded with his mother. On a personal note, Connor enjoys playing soccer and basketball, exercising (okay, maybe forces himself to is more accurate), exploring new places on foot, spending time with his fiance and two kids, writing poetry and fiction, and learning about crypto.