Yi Wang is a multicultural product designer, whose rich experiences traveling and living in countries around the world, contribute to his keen eye and finely-tuned design aesthetic. Yi enjoys using design to build community and bring happiness to people through human-centered products. His wide range of experience as a product designer for international brands allows him to adapt to the demands of any project for THRIVE and our clients. 


Versatility is one of the main characteristics that separates Yi from the average industrial designer. While he majored in industrial design, another difference is that he started off studying animation and minored in accessories design. He knows how to execute pattern-making, sewing, stitching, and can prototype using plastic, foam, and leather. Yi loves the feeling of understanding technology and managing to improve it aesthetically and functionally at the same time, which is what has helped him excel in roles at Electrolux, Procter & Gamble, MJV, and Reebok as a footwear innovation designer. Because of his intimate knowledge of fashion and athletic product development from his tenure at Reebok, Yi also understands how storytelling and design go hand-in-hand. 


When he isn’t drawing and designing, Yi is likely to be checking more destinations off of his travel bucket list. His ability to speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English allows him to immerse himself in other cultures as a true citizen of the world. Another fun fact about Yi is that he appreciates the little things like how neatly bamboo leaves seem to arrange themselves when they fall. He is also an avid basketball player and is always ready to play!