Jennifer is a Senior Designer with a wealth of experience in industrial design, product development, user experience, and GUI development experience in medical, consumer, and industrial product categories. Her user-focused design approach helps her create human-centered connections between users and products. Jennifer has equal experience as both a designer working directly with her own clients and a contributing member of top product development and design firms. This gives her the advantage of cross- and intra-disciplinary teamwork. Her decades of experience has also helped her define the right problems to solve, create compelling design and user experiences, and ensure translation and delivery of intent to the end user.  


Jennifer received her BA in Industrial and Graphic Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology before embarking on her career as an Industrial Designer for Ciba Corning Diagnostics followed by work at several New England area design firms including HLB-Boston, Design Continuum, and Helix Design. She went on to carve out a career wearing various hats within several a variety of design consulting and corporate organizations such as Manta, Altitude and Siemens. She has enjoyed contributing in Senior Designer and Project Manager roles while maintaining her love of being on the board designing. Her nearly 20 years as an independent design professional has helped her extend from her roots in Industrial Design to User Experience Design and User Testing. She believes the best solutions are a result of dynamic conversations with end users and stakeholders.  


When Jennifer isn’t in the middle of doing brilliant work for THRIVE, she enjoys cyclocross, experimenting in the kitchen with spices and cooking from the heart, knitting and designing jewelry from sustainable materials, listening to alternative music, and quilting. Her first love was journalism, which is why Jennifer always tries to understand what story a product is meant to tell. Lastly, she relishes surprises and says, “the unpredictable stuff” is what she likes, yet she finds her creativity flourishes within a framework.